A Place. A State of Mind. A Practice. 


Authenticity is a place.   A safe space to grow, to heal, to challenge yourself. It's a refuge in stormy seasons, a place to sit and breathe and move and think about what's important ... Who you want to be? Where you've come from and where you want to go? It's a school for forgiveness, openness, vulnerability, and acceptance. A place to grieve and let go and honor the lost pieces. To pick up and begin again. Somewhere you can ask the hard questions, and sit with uncertainties. A place to heal your heart, find your voice, speak your truth, and beat your own freaking drum.

Authenticity is a state of mind.   An awareness of the great heartbreak that comes from living in hiding, from living in fear. A realization that the only way to get real love is to be real. To show ourselves, even the ugly parts. An understanding that our pain is often our greatest teacher; a commitment to living the lessons she has taught us. A philosophy of being that calls us to live meaningfully, purposefully, and honestly.  An awareness that everything works better when we tell the truth.

Authenticity is a practice.  Nobody does it perfectly, and often times it's hard as hell. It's work -- sweaty, snotty, teary, belly-laughing kind of work. It will kick your butt in the most wonderful way. It will make you more beautiful, but not because you're trying -- because beauty is a natural byproduct of being authentic, loving yourself, caring for your body, mind, & spirit and doing what brings you joy.

To me, it's a calling. To you, I hope it's a blessing.

Won't you join me?

- Hannah